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    April 10, 2015
    Hachinohe is Exciting!
    ■Kabushima in Spring Kabushima is a unique location where visitors can view a seagull breeding ground up close. From March to early August 30,000 seagulls come to the island to raise their young. In May, wild turnip flowers blossom and cover the island in a splendid golden color. ■Spiritual Power Spot Kabushima Shrine is revered…read more
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    March 1, 2015
    Footbath in Shinkansen! The first Resort Shinkansen, “Treiyu”
    ‘Treiyu’ comes from ‘Train’ and ‘Soleil’, sun in French. It is the first resort Shinkansen that operates between Fukushima and Shinjo. Inside the train, there are ‘Ozashiki Reserved Seats’ made of Tatami, ‘Bar Counter’ that serves local sake, wine and juice of Yamagata, and ‘Footbath’ where you can relax while looking out the window. Experience…read more
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    February 20, 2015
    Night Cruising with Guests from Thailand through the Imaginative Corridor of Snow Monsters
    The middle of February. We toured around chilly winter Tohoku with journalists of Thai TV broadcasting company. “าอัศจรรย์!” (←I actually don’t know what this means…) This is the word I heard and they seems to be very excited when they saw this. We participated on “The Night Cruising Tour through the Imaginative Corridor of Snow…read more
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    February 1, 2015
    Happiness blooms, Fukushima
    Located in Tohoku area in Japan, Fukushima prefecture has a wide range of beautiful flowers and amazing nature. Especially at Hanamiyama (mountain), you can enjoy the sight of snow, cherry blossom and other flowers all at once. (Best season: April) Aside from this, there are many attractions and charms in Fukushima, such as historical buildings:…read more
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    January 20, 2015
    Bus between Yamagata Airport and Ginzan Onsen starts its operation!
    We now have a bus service that connects Yamagata Airport and Ginzan Onsen, Obanazawa city, which is very convenient for visitors from Tokyo or Osaka to get straight to Ginzan Onsen. ・Bus fare: One-way ¥1,500 (no reservation required) ・Yamagata Airport to Ginzan Onsen (The last bus does not go to Ginzan Onsen) ・Ginzan Onsen to Yamagata Airport…read more

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