Oze is Another World

From Hinamatamura in Fukushima Prefecture, heading to Ozenuma swamp via Numayama Pass.

As we went down the street lined with trees, breathing fresh mountain air, a huge community of day lilies appeared in front of us in Ohe wetland.
It was like a fairyland where yellow sprites are playing…
It is supposed to be but this year, the flowers will be in their best sometime next week.

We walked around Ozenuma and Numajiri, and then stayed one night at a mountain hut at the crossroads of Shimotashiro.
I opened a canned beer in front of Oze, expecting the happy moment.
I tasted such a nice beer for the first time in a long time.
It is one of many ways to admire Oze.

On the following day, I went to he Hiraname falls and the Sanjo falls to refresh myself with negative ions.
I could feel my body was being detoxified quickly.
Oze is always there, waiting for you.
I should come back again.