• kitakata1
    November 12, 2014
    “We’re Sorry for the Stairs!?” Extremely Polite Stairs Found at Kitakata Station.
    Welcome to the town of warehouses and Ramen, Kitakata. …Hm?           “We’re sorry for the stairs.” Oh, okay. No problem for that (^_^;)           “There are a total of 32 steps on the stairs.” Thanks, I appreciate you telling me that (^_^;)          …read more
  • nagatoko
    November 5, 2014
    The Great Ginkgo Tree of Nagatoko! (Kitakata City)
    Kitakata city, Fukushima prefecture, is famous for their old warehouses and great Ramen restaurants. But… it is also a great place for appreciating autumn leaves. Last weekend, our senior agent S assumed visited Jingu-Kumano Shrine to see the Great Ginkgo Tree next to the Nagatoko (front shrine). He assumed it was about time for the…read more