Kitakami Tenshochi Sakura Festival, from April 15 to May 6

Sakura Festival (festival of cherry blossoms) in Kitakami Tenshochi started today.  Cherry blossoms here have been listed in the best 100 sakura spots, Michinoku three great sakura spots, sakura pilgrimage No.55 fudasho, and so on.  The flowers bloom in an area that covers 293 hectares (about 724 acres), which is equivalent to 62 Tokyo Domes!  You shouldn’t miss the row of cherry blossom trees along the bank of the Kitakamigawa River, stretching for 2 kilometers (about 1.3 miles).  Personally, I also like Koinobori (colorful carp banners) contrasting favorably with the surface of the water of the Kitakamigawa.  For the last few years, the best time to admire sakura starts in late April and ends in early May, during the “golden week” holidays.

Before leaving, check out the official blog below for more details.

Official website of Kitakami Tenshochi Sakura Festival

Website of Tohoku Sakura Dream Kaido