It’s a must! Additive-free “Apple Veil” Pudding

Apple flesh from Namioka in Aomori city.
Honey from Aomori apple flowers.
Natural eggs from Hasegawa Natural Farm.
Pasteurized milk from Tonamigaoka Farm.
Award-winning Ringo-no Veil (Apple Veil) is made of well-selected ingredients, and finished one by one carefully. It won the first prize in Aomori New Sweets Competition in November 2013.

Apple Veil puddings are available at A−FACTORY in front of Aomori station or ASPM, a house of tourism and local products. My mother in Aomori guarantees the taste. Here is the good news for people who want to try them!
Nature Aomori, maker and dealer, will make it available for purchase nationwide!
Reference URL: Toh-oh Nippo website

You can have the popular local sweets in your hands!
“Apple Veil” is priced at \552 per piece with “Aomori Pudding” also available at \400 per piece (both excluding tax).

For more product details, please visit the website of Nature Aomori
Tokeiren Business Center is supporting its nationwide sales!