Expert’s Recommendation on Morning Markets Worth Visiting in Tohoku

Last week, two morning markets (asaichi in Japanese) from Tohoku made an appearance on “Expert’s Recommendation on Asaichi Worth Visitng in Tohoku”, a ranking done by Nikkei Shimbun Plus1. Those two are:

Tatehana Wharf Asaichi(Hachinohe City)
It is valued for its “market size, a wide variety of items, and a nice atmosphere.” Open every Sunday starting at the time of the sunrise.
Tatehana Wharf Asaichi URL:





Hijiori Onsen (Ohkuramura, Yamagata Prefecture)
The reputation turns into the truth when you come to a good old morning market in Hijiori Onsen. An array of goods in season brought by local ladies from the Asaichi Association, including vegetables and edible wild plants, fruits, hand-made bamboo rolls or Japanese basil rolls, is displayed for sale. It opens everyday from April 20 through November!
Hijiori Onsen website: