“Cool Even in the Mid Summer Heat – Limestone Caves (excerpted from Nikkei Plus One)

Respresenting Tohoku, the following has been listed in the feature article “Cool Even in the Mid Summer Heat – Best 10 Limestone Caves” in Nikkei Plus One, “Nandemo Ranking.”

【Ryusendo Cave in Iwaizumi, Iwate Prefecture】
Proudly ranked as No.1 in the East Japan, Ryusendo Cave is famous for a dragon blue underground lake with the world-class visibility.
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[Abukuma Cave (Tamura City, Fukushima Prefecture)]
Ranked in from Fukushima is Abukuma Cave, an underground fantasy that has been shaping itself for 80 million years.
Exploration Tour is definitely a recommendation if you want to have an exciting experience with your family, friends, and your special ones.

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[Akka Cave (Iwaizumi Town, Iwate Prefecture) ]
The entirety of this labyrinth is yet unveiled; however, its length goes up to ten thousand meters, making it the longest cave in Japan.
It is a museum where almost all types of stalactites can be seen.

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[Irimizu Limestone Cave (Tamura City, Fukushima Prefecture)]
Moving forward on all fours while going through stalactites with a help of flashlights and candle lights where the water around 10 degrees Celsius covers up your knees; Irimizu Limestone Cave is your destination if it is a real caving experience you are looking for.

<<Irimizu Limestone Cave>>

[Rokan Cave (Sumita Town, Iwate Prefecture)]
880 meters from the entrance awaits a 29-meter waterfall, known as the waterfall from heaven’s stone gate, falling from the opening on the gigantic dome-shaped ceiling.The sound of the waterfall echoing through the entire dome sounds as if it is actually the voice from the Paleozoic era calling you.

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