Former Ikeda Family’s Garden, a government-designated scenic beauty, holding ‘Autumn Garden Party’

On the countryside of Taisen city, Akita prefecture, the Former Ikeda Family’s Garden welcomes you to the relaxing garden party.

Containing glowing chandeliers and walls of Japanese leather paper, the western-style building in this garden was built as a private library for local children by the Ikedas, who were praised as one of the three richest landowners back in Taisho era.

The garden will be open for visitors while the National Cultural Festival is held from October 4 to November 3. The symbolic interior designs of the building will be viewable for visitors during the festival. The Autumn Garden Party, which will be held during the festival, will welcome visitors with Japanese traditional music performed with Japanese instruments, tea ceremonies, and beautifully arranged flowers.

Why don’t you come to a Tohoku garden to enjoy the richness of this autumn?


‘Autumn Garden Party’ at the Former Ikeda Family’s Garden, a government-designated scenic beauty.

National Cultural Festival in Akita 2014