Spiritual Place in Okutsugaru, Takayama Inani Shrine (Tsugaru City)

In Okutsugaru region (Tsugaru City, Aomori Prefecture), there is a location filled with spiritual energy which only a few people knows. Also a new station of Hokkaido Shinkansen, which is called Okutsugaru Imabetsu Station will be opened here in 2015.

The place just mentioned is located at the very center of Byobu Mountain which is known for its very sweet watermelon

Enshrining the same Inani god as the head shrine of all Inani shrines in Japan for the sake of rich harvests, marine safety, and good sales…

The place is ‘Takayama Inani Shrine’!


The reason why Takayama Inani Shrine is famous for having spiritual energy is the existence of ‘Thousand Gates (Shinto gates)’ that also can be seen at Fushimi Inani Shrine!

Passing through these thousand gates is believed to purify your body and soul.

The more you pass through, the purer you might get.


What awaits at the end of the gates is for you to find out by visiting the shrine J

[Takayama Inani Shrine]

Address: Ushigata town, Tsugaru city, Aomori prefecture, 038-3305

Transportation: 40 minutes from Goshogawara Station to Takayama Shrine Iriguchi by Konan Kohaku Line bus. 5 minutes from Takayama Shrine Iriguchi by taxi.

More Information: http://www.tsugarubrand.jp/web/detail.html?id=00000530

A festival will be held on September 24 and 25. http://www.aptinet.jp/Detail_display_00003456.html