Now or ten years later! The reversed Tenshu of Hirosaki Castle.

A perfect site for cherry blossoms, Hirosaki castle. A perfect site for autumn leaves, Hirosaki castle. A perfect site for snow sceneries, Hirosaki castle.

There has been a concern regarding the safety of the stone-walls on the east side of the castle, which can possibly cause the walls to fall down. For the sake of safety, they have decided to draw out all of the water around the surrounding moat. Drawing out is going to be started around mid-October and filling of the moat will be begun from November. Once the next year’s Cherry Blossom Festival ends, the process will proceed into the preparation for moving the Tenshukaku (the castle tower). Moving castle will be taken place over two months between August and October. Repairing is assumed to take at least ten years.

“The reversed Tenshu” reflected on the surface of the water around the moat will not be available for ten years if you miss it now.

Visit Hirosaki castle this year in autumn decorated with leaves in different colors.

Become one of the owners of the castle (sponsor) and support the construction work!

For more information on the construction, visit the official Hirosaki city website down below.

Chrysanthemum and Autumn Leaves Festival starts from October 17!

If you are interested in becoming one of the owners of the castle, visit the website below!

Mr. Kawamura, a local volunteer tour guide  (Hirosaki Sightseeing Volunteer Guide), provided the source of information and photo used on this article.