The Great Ginkgo Tree of Nagatoko! (Kitakata City)

Kitakata city, Fukushima prefecture, is famous for their old warehouses and great Ramen restaurants.
But… it is also a great place for appreciating autumn leaves.
Last weekend, our senior agent S assumed visited Jingu-Kumano Shrine to see the Great Ginkgo Tree next to the Nagatoko (front shrine). He assumed it was about time for the tree to be ablaze with autumn colors, based on his extensive working experience at a travel agency.





The result was…
Hm? There were beautiful autumn leaves on some trees. But not the great ginkgo tree of Nagatoko. Its leaves were still green.
Weird… Where did his rich experience go…?
Apparently, the best time to enjoy autumn leaves is between mid-November and late-November. That was why the senior agent assumed the best day will be November 20. But the result speaks for this article (^_^;)
They start lighting up the tree on November 15, and there will be a walking event on November 22. (Please go to the links below.)

This is a picture of the great ginkgo tree of Nagatoko in its best season.
A golden carpet of fallen ginkgo leaves.
We strongly recommend it! (^_^)/

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