“We’re Sorry for the Stairs!?” Extremely Polite Stairs Found at Kitakata Station.

Welcome to the town of warehouses and Ramen, Kitakata.






“We’re sorry for the stairs.”
Oh, okay. No problem for that (^_^;)






“There are a total of 32 steps on the stairs.”
Thanks, I appreciate you telling me that (^_^;)






“If it’s a good weather, you can see Iide mountain range.”
Wow, that sounds great!
*Iide mountain range
A mountain range that is 20km long and consists of 2,000m class mountains including Mt. Iide (2,105m).
Iide mountain range is laid over Yamagata prefecture, Fukushima prefecture and Niigata prefecture with its highest peak set in Kitakata city, Fukushima prefecture. By the way, there is a town called Iide town in Yamagata prefecture.


“You’re almost there! Cheer up!”
Oh, okay! I will (^_^;)






I did it! And when I look ahead… There is Iide mountain range!
*The photo was taken in December and belongs to “Fukushima no Tabi” m(__)m
Amazing scenery awaits you at the top (^_^)
That is all for today from senior agent S, Tohoku Tourism Promotion Organization!