Footbath in Shinkansen! The first Resort Shinkansen, “Treiyu”

‘Treiyu’ comes from ‘Train’ and ‘Soleil’, sun in French. It is the first resort Shinkansen that operates between Fukushima and Shinjo.
Inside the train, there are ‘Ozashiki Reserved Seats’ made of Tatami, ‘Bar Counter’ that serves local sake, wine and juice of Yamagata, and ‘Footbath’ where you can relax while looking out the window. Experience the new way of enjoying trip on Shinkansen and travel around as if you are in a hot spring village.

■Treiyu Tsubasa
 Operating Days:Saturday, Sunday and holidays
1 round a day
 *Treiyu may not operate depending on the circumstance. Please check JR Higashinihon Website.
Fukushima 10:02 to Shinjo 12:16
 Shinjo 14:43 to Fukushima 17:41

■Express Fee for reserved seats between major destinations (regular seasons)
 Fukushima Station to Yamagata Station
 Fukushima Station to Shinjo Station
 *Your total transportation fee is fare plus express fee.

■About footbath
Fee: ¥350 (15 minutes per person including the time to change. No extension)
Foot bath can be reserved only through VIEW Travel.
Other passengers can enjoy footbath depending on the vacancy of the day.

■JR EAST PASS can be used to ride Treiyu