Hachinohe is Exciting!

■Kabushima in Spring
Kabushima is a unique location where visitors can view a seagull breeding ground up close. From March to early August 30,000 seagulls come to the island to raise their young. In May, wild turnip flowers blossom and cover the island in a splendid golden color.

■Spiritual Power Spot
Kabushima Shrine is revered as the home of the deity of prosperous business. The shrine is well-known for its signature charm “Kabuagari Hyotan Omamori,“ which is said to brighten the prospects of its bearer on the stock market.

■Tanesashi in Summer
One of the features of Tanesashi Coast is an expansive natural lawn that stretches down to the seaside. The deep blue ocean beyond the grass and sweeping summer sky together create beautiful scenery found only at Tanesashi Coast.

■Flowering Seaside
Tanesashi Coast is a precious botanical area where northern and southern limits for flora overlap, and even alpine plants thrive on the seashore. Here many species grow together, and from spring to fall a wide range of flowers bloom in succession, making the area a natural flower garden.