Ichinoseki Dango (一関団子)

While at the Gembikei Gorge I noticed that a lot of people were eating dango, a rice ball treat. I soon realized that it was the local treat of Ichinoseki. I’ve lived in Japan for more than seven years now and this was the first time that I had the pleasure of eating freshly made dango. I’m a huge fan of this rice cake treat as I normally buy a pack three when I go to thegrocery store. However, I’ve never eaten dango that was so soft, chewy, and sweet. The anko, (あんこ) sweet red bean paste, and the zunda (ずんだ) flavors were my favorite. They made for a lovely treat while I was enjoying the view of the Gembikei Gorge. If you’re fan of Japanese sweets and nature Ichinoseki, Iwate should be your next stop!

Access: With a JR Pass a ride 2hr and 30min Tohoku Shinkansen from Tokyo to Ichinoseki Station. Then ride a bus for Gembikei Gorge.