What “the Taste of First Love” would be like?

What “the Taste of First Love” would be like? Do you have any idea? Strangely enough, in Japan, the taste of first love is said to be “sweet and sour.” How about in your country? Is this universal?
By the way, “the First Love Soft Serve” is very popular at cafe “Ponte,” which is located by Ryūsendō, the famous limestone cave in Iwate Prefecture. The soft serve was developed and named after the fact that Ryūsendō was recognized as “sacred place for lovers(恋人の聖地).” It’s made with yogurt drinks produced in Iwaizumi town in Iwate. Of course, it tastes “sweet and sour” as the name goes. Sour taste of yogurt is striking a perfect balance. It is definitely what we call the taste of first love!

Hope you will savor the taste of first love when you visit Ryūsendō in Iwate Prefecture.
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