Alpine Plants at Mt. Kurikoma at Their Best!

Situated on the borders of Akita, Miyagi, and Iwate Prefectures, Mt. Kurikoma is accessible by mountain trail from each prefecture.
With its peak of 1,627 meters above the sea, graceful mountains and hills with many swamps surround the area.

Mount climbing starts from10 days after the end of the rainy season, they say, but we cannot help visiting here during a break in the rainy season.

The plan was to start from Sugawa-onsen hot spring in Ichinoseki City in Iwate Prefecture, and go up to the summit via Showa-ko Lake.
Various flowers including fringe bells along the mountain trail, as well as gentians, cotton grasses, keyflowers, false lily-of-the-valley, bogbeans welcomed us one after another.

The mountain trail maintained with raised wooden causeway is rather easy to walk and many visitors enjoyed walking while admiring flowers up to the summit where large Sunday crowds gathered.

After coming down the mountain, we walked and crossed a border (!) to Akita and we refreshed ourselves in an extremely popular open-air hot spring bath at Kurikoma Sanso villa, an ideal retreat offering exactly what we expected.
During summer and the season of autumn leaves, the villa only accepts reservation by reply-paid postcard in order to avoid being overcrowded., which is understandable.


With plenty of mountain ashes and white enkianthus, Mt. Kurikoma turns bright red in autumn. Climbing mountains in autumnal foliage must be fun too.