Aomori Nebuta Festival, August 2 through 7 – Summer Festivals in Tohoku, vol.16

According to a book about Nebuta Festival, participants proudly call themselves “Nebuta idiots.” Hot summer, the very season which Nebuta idiots look forward to, is coming soon. If this is your first visit to Aomori, do not worry. Just rent the costume and dance with others as “haneto.” Those who decided not to dance, get ready to watch the parade by moving around Shinmachi-dori Street and Yanagimachi-dori Street between national highways as recommended by Seiko Kawai, author of “Nebuta Matsuri” (as a person from the city, I personally like this way.) For more specific positions, please refer to the book. Whichever you choose, you are now qualified to be one of “Nebuta idiots.”

Rental costumes are available.
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Tohoku recovery calendar features the last year’s festival.
≪Tohoku Recovery Calendar about Aomori Nebuta Festival≫

Information about Nebuta idiots is quoted from website of a Nebuta expert Takenami
≪Institute of Nebuta by Takenami Hiroo≫

*Photos: courtesy of Aomori Tourism and Convention Bureau