Best Time to See Himesayuri!

Himesayuri with cute and slightly downward flowers is one of the species of lilies.
It means plain beauty in the language of flowers which is just right for graceful petals in pale pink.

In Shimokomatsu Tombs in Kawanishimachi, Yamagata Prefecture, it’s the best time to admire the very precious native species.

Flowers of Himesayuri welcome you walking on the gently sloped promenade. A stick arranged by local people painstakingly supports each stalk.
Local volunteers also mow so that many visitors can enjoy the flowers.

Shimokomatsu Tombs is a habitat of “Chosen Akashijimi (Korean hairstreak)”, uncommon species of butterfly which can only found in certain areas in Iwate, Yamagata and Niigata and “Haccho Tombo (Nannophya pygmaea)”, Japan’s smallest dragonfly (2 cm or less than one inch long!).
Despite its altitude of only 280 meters (900 feet) on the top, alpine plants including day lilies can be observed.

Shimokomatsu Tombs offers an opportunity for visitors to appreciate rare nature easily.
Because it’s easy, we should have good manners.