Blessed by Ocean – Fishing Experience in Oku-Matsushima!

Oku-Matsushima in Higashimatsushima City is an outer borough of Matsushima,
which is one of the Three Great Sights of Japan.

Claimed as “Izu of Tohoku” due to its mild climate, Oku-Matsushima is famous for its scenic beauty.

The charm doesn’t stop there!
You can experience real fishing with local fishermen on a fishing boat.

I challenged “kago-ryo” this time.
This is a fishing method using a basket sunk in advance with the bait such as Pacific saury.

We departed on a fishing boat. The boat operated by a fisherman accompanying us was approaching the float where a basket was sunk underneath.
I was so exited to pull up the basket and found some crabs in there! As crabs came out from the basket on the boat, we clapped and cheered.
They say you can find octopus in the basket depending on seasons!

Barbecue of local seafood was the main menu for lunch!
Crabs we caught contributed to making miso soup or boiled items. Rice balls with a pinch of salt prepared by aunties in fishing village were so delicious and we kept stuffing in our mouth while shouting “I cannot eat any more!” yet eventually, we finished all!

My first fishing experience against a scenic backdrop with gentle smiles of fishermen and their wives in village fully satisfied my curiosity as well as my stomach in one day.


For more information about activities available, please visit the official website of Oku-Matsushima Experience Network.