Cat Island “Tashirojima” Attracts Cats Lovers

”May I know how to go to the famous cat island?” It’s a question sometimes asked by visitors at tourism events in Taiwan and Singapore.

On October 21, I went to the “world famous” cat island where numerous feline inhabit.


Tashirojima in Ishinomaki City is an isolated island of which circumference is 11.5 km (9.3 miles). People cherished cats very much as they chased rodent away to protect the silkworm-raising industry once flourished here. Even now, more than 100 cats live with about 70 islanders peacefully.

To go to the island, we must take a boat from the port of Ishinomaki

From Sendai to Ishinomaki, it takes one and half hours by bus and another 10 minutes by taxi to the port of Ishinomaki.

○ Bus services from Sendai to Ishinomaki by Miyagi Kotsu: more than 30 return services per day. Fare is 800 yen per adult for one way.

○ Ferry services from Tashirojima by Ajishima Line: 3 return services per day. Fare is 1,200 yen per adult for one way.


The ferry I took was almost full due to Sunday. Most of passengers looked forward to seeing cats and some brought fishing gears, as Tashirojima is known as a good fishing spot.


There are two ports in Tashirojima, one is called Odomari and another is Nitoda.

I got off at the port of Odomari and enjoyed 2-hour hiking but for those who would like to see cats, Nitoda with more cats is better.


While walking on the street, cats appeared unexpectedly. Every cat was friendly and come closer, which made visitors extremely happy who took photos so vigorously. Yet, cats never ran away.


Each cat spent a day in its own way by having a nap, basking in the sun, or frisking each other. Just watching them made us all feel happy.

Why don’t you spend for some time with adorable cats on Tashirojima?



・Do not feed the cats.
・No eating house is available on the island.


■For Tashirojima’s map and information, please visit the website of Ishinomaki City. (Japanese only)