CM on Tohoku and Japan Aired in the World

In order to get rid of financial damage caused by harmful rumors or misinformation, and recover or even improve the image of Japan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) has produced TV commercials appealing to overseas viewers.

There are four editions; three 60-second ones for Japan, Tohoku, and Fukushima respectively, and another for messages from Japan in 15 seconds.

A Tohoku edition named “Colorful emotions TOHOKU” featuring a foreign family traveling to Tohoku is full of exciting and wonderful experiences; admiring “Nebuta festival” decorations, creating “akabeko (red cow made of paper)”, playing with snow, visiting a hot spring resort, picking strawberries, meeting military commanders of Warring States period, and many more!

In a “We believe in FUKUSHIMA” created based on a firm resolution of people in Fukushima who wish to take back their original life they enjoyed before the earthquake、there are many local residents who are working at a strawberry farm, Fukushima station, venue of candle festival, Tsurugajo castle, and other places.

These commercial messages are aired through international networks including CNN, and NHK World will air them from April.

MOFA has uploaded these messages on its official channel for you to view at your convenience.