Do you know what kochia is?

DSC00820_RThe air is clearer and the sky is higher.

“Common Cosmos & Kochia de COKO Festa” is on at Michinoku Park in Kawasaki-machi, Miyagi Prefecture, from September 17 to October 23.

Do you know what exactly kochia is? As shown in the photo, it’s a lovely puffy plant in light green.

DSC00811_RIn the south area of the park, approximately 10,000 kochias are cultivated whose color turns into warm red as autumn deepens. Kochia is more commonly known as broom cypress. If this name rings a bell, you must be a Tohoku expert! Yes, “tomburi” or land caviar, Akita’s specialty, is kochia seed. It was not until I visited there that I knew about this fact.

Various themed events based on flower, tradition, sport, support to parenting, music, and support to recovery are planned. Prior to your visit, checking the park’s official website is recommended to get to know the latest conditions of kochia and common cosmos or event schedule.

Official Site of Michinoku Park (General information in English available.)