Driving Around Inawashiroko Lake with More Options

DSC_0454Driving around Inawashiroko Lake was my agenda for last weekend.

Itineraries referring to Inawashiro Lake usually include an excursion ship, Hideo Noguchi Memorial Hall and World Glass Museum. This time around, I extended my journey to their surrounding areas.

Tenkyokaku Pavillion
A building in Western and Renaissance style overlooking Inawashiroko Lake. Built as a villa for Prince Arisugawa, His Imperial Highness Prince Takehito, it opens to the public as one of Fukusima Prefecture’s tourist spots.
In a dining hall for guests with splendid furniture, tea and cakes are gracefully served.
Ladies can try a dress made in the Meiji era for 500 yen per person, which I had to miss due to time constraints this time. It must be fun for those who are interested in.

DSC_0441Fukushima Prefecture Reception Hall
Adjacent to Tenkyokaku Pavillion, the hall was built as a villa for Prince Takamastu. This pure Japanese, one-storey architecture is made only of hinoki (Japanese cypress) without single nail. It was donated to the prefecture together with Tenkyokaku Pavillion and its Japanese garden is open to the public.
In the tranquil garden, you may feel as if you are in the different world from that of daily life. At the end of garden strolling, you will be amazed by the mirror-like Inawashiroko Lake spread out beneath your eyes. It might be one of the best spots for viewing Inawashiroko Lake.

DSC_0365Tatsuzawafudotaki Falls
Listed as one of the best 30 falls in Fukushima, Tatsuzawafudotaki Falls is located near Nakanosawa Spa, approximately 40 minutes along the route 115 from Inawashiro-Bandaikogen Interchange. After ten-minute walk from the parking, gentle “feminine falls” appear on your left. A bench is conveniently arranged for viewing the falls as well as enjoying hot tea, packed lunch or snacks if you bring.

Himenuma SwampDSC_0375
Also near the Nakanosawa Spa, it is located off to the side of mountains from route 115.
While admiring the last of autumn foliage under perfect weather, I walked around the swamp. Mt. Adatara across the swamp and a scenic reflection on the water make a picturesque view.
Easy access from the parking eases your strolling.
Blossoms of cherry and Asian skunk-cabbage in spring are beautiful, they say.

Outside the window, I sometimes saw swans pecking ears of rice fallen to the ground after harvesting.
Driving to Inawashiroko Lake on weekend is rather familiar to me, but there should be more areas I shall explore for the first time not only around the lake but also all over Fukushima; the third largest prefecture in Japan.