Feed the City – “Sendai Asaichi” Morning Market

Only five-minute walk from the JR Sendai station, there is Sendai Asaichi, a morning market called “Kitchen of Sendai”. A narrow lane of approximately 100 meters is crowded with various stores.
Everyday, the market is bustling with shoppers buying fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and precooked food arranged in a cramped manner
Today’s popular items included cherries from Yamagata in season.

Despite of its name of “morning market”, many stores open until evening.
If you stay at a hotel near Sendai station, why don’t you try breakfast at one of diners at Sendai Asaichi where you can feel the unique atmosphere only found in the market.

For more information, please visit the website of Sendai Asaichi Shotengai Shinko Kumiai (Sendai Morning Market Promotion Organization).


Photograph courtesy of Sendai City Tourism Exchange