Going to Tsuruoka in Yamagata for the Tastiest Edamame “Dadacha-mame” in Japan

Edamame (green soybeans) goes perfectly with beer in summer!

Among various brands of edamame, Dadacha-mame produced in Shonai area, Yamagata Prefecture, is known by TV commercial of some beer company featuring a celebrity Miho Nakayama who was enjoying munching it.

Dadacha-mame has brown downy hair on the husk which is also brownish. When boiled, an appetizing aroma already comes up. Once you munch it, it’s too richly tasty for you to stop.
It is because it contains more alanine, one of amino acids, than other edamame, they say.

From old times, it has been produced traditionally in Tsuruoka area and farmers have protected it for generations by sorting and screening strictly. Moreover, the very best Dadacha-mame can be only produced in a limited area in Tsuruoka City.

JA Tsuruoka registered its trademark in 1997 for further protection of “Dadacha-mame” as special product.
Its best season is around after “obon (mid-August)”. Why not trying a delicacy available only at this time of year.


For more information about Dadacha-mame, please visit here (Japanese only).