Historical Port Town Shiogama

003Thirty-minute train ride takes you to Shiogama, close to Matsushima, one of the scenic trios in Japan, a famous port town for landing tuna.

The Shiogama Shrine build approximately 1,200 years ago is a symbolic building of the city and its inner and front shrines are designated as national important cultural property. Old shops including sake breweries and Japanese confectioneries are dotted and refined atmosphere created by traditional townhouses still remains.

The picture shows one of old-established stores, “Ota Yohachiro Shoten” which has been in business of making and selling “miso (soy paste)” and “shoyu (soy sauce)” more than 160 years since founded in 1845. It takes only 5 minutes by walk from the Hon-Shiogama station.
The building behind Ota Yohachiro Shoten is “Tanroku-en”, a Japanese confectionery founded in 1720.

“Shiogama” is a well-known cake in Japan and “Shiogama cherry blossoms” at the Shiogama Shrine, one of the natural treasures, are embossed on the surface.

sio011Local delicacy you mustn’t miss in Shiogama is definitely “sushi”. They say Shiogama has more sushi restaurants than any other cities in Japan per 1 sq meter (7,639 sq ft), and they all compete in taste and quality. Raw tuna is highly recommended for tasting.

For Shiogama, take the Senseki Line from Sendai station and get off at Hon-Shiogama.
You may want to visit the tourist information center, newly opened on March 17, to get necessary information.