Hot Pot with Dropwort Warms Up Winter in Sendai

SH3E0594Seri (dropwort) is one of the seven spring plants.
Miyagi Prefecture is one of main producers of Seri which is a must for local people in Sendai to make “Zoni” – soup with rice cake – to celebrate a New Year’s day.

For some years, “Seri Nabe”, steamboat of Seri and other ingredients, is getting popular as an addition to local specialties.
Its main “cast” is no other than Seri, and you can enjoy whole Seri including fibrous roots.
Don’t underestimate that Seri is only a vegetable. Once you get the taste with crispy texture and refreshing flavor, you are hooked.

Those who are visiting to Sendai, how about trying “Seri Nabe” at the restaurants listed below. It is served till March (until the Seri season ends).