Instead of Ramen Noodles in Miso, Curry and Milk Soup, Pancakes with Miso, Butter, Curry and Milk Jam is In Now!!!

I’ve heard that “dorayaki (Japanese pancakes” with miso (soybean paste), butter, curry and milk jam  is extremely popular since a store in Aomori called “Shoeido” started selling that from last November! I couldn’t resist buying one!

Dorayaki comes with jam, but how does the jam made of miso, butter, curry and milk taste like? I’m so curious about the taste while struggling to figure it out.

The package looks like this. Beside the printed words of “Miso”, “Butter”, “Curry” and “Milk” in four colors, it’s just like a regular dorayaki…


The color of jam between two pancakes is … that of curry! And it smells a bit like curry too.

I took a bite without hesitation. At first, the taste of miso came. Curry flavor followed nicely to make a good combination of salty miso and curry. Milk might have made the taste milder. While chewing, I tasted sweetness of the jam and pancake, and butter enhanced all the flavors. “I’ve never tasted like this!”

I could hardly imagine the taste before but every time I chewed, four different tastes were blended in my mouth to create a perfect harmony.

You should try one when you have a chance to visit Aomori!