Kaminoyama Rolls – Taste All of Kaminoyama in One! (Kaminoyama City)

It tastes like all Kaminoyama!
All goodies of Kaminoyama City are packed in original Kaminoyama rolled cake. Its dough contains Yamagata’s brand rice ‘Tsuyahime’ and locally produced ‘La France’ pears for fluffy texture with flavor. Healthy ‘La France konjac food’ is wrapped by whip cream with safflowers, which is the flower of Yamagata. Instead of a conventional spoon, use Kaminoyama ‘karinto (deep-fried hard cookies)’ and taste all goodies of Kaminoyama! Following La France, new rolled cakes using grapes, also one of local specialties, are now available.


■Website of Kaminoyama Tourism and Products Association:http://kaminoyama-spa.com/
■Local tourism special website “Like It!” :https://www.tohokukanko.jp/feature/smilejourney3/