Kuji Amber, Not Only Beautiful – Local Girls “Like It!” File No.5

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Local Girls “Like It!” is featuring… “I’m fully satisfied.” Hey, is this the end of report?





It’s not only beautiful!

The lady Mr. Sendai Shiro met and made him so happy showed Kuji amber. They say it helps heal bronchial trouble; in Japan, Kuji is only place to produce; it contains a lot negative ions… Being beautiful is just one of characteristics of Kuji amber.



In the next issue

She is the person who recommended Kuji amber. “She is not only beautiful, but has healing power” Shiro commented. Next issue covers woman divers again by interviewing without appointment. Someone ugly? Well, you’ll see!


Amber products with theme of woman divers are available. For more information, please check:


To know better about Kuji amber, visit the website of Kuji Kohaku K.K.