Kuroishi Neputa, July 30 through August 5; Festivals in Tohoku, vol. 8

“Yahleyahleyah”. Probably because more kids join in pulling a float, Kuroishi Neputa sounds gentler. In fact, this shout is older than regular “lassaylah”, in case you may not know.
In the Edo era, shout for a “tanabata (star festival)” lantern festival (present Hirosaki Neputa) was yahleyahleyah. “Lassaylah” for return in triumph (Aomori Nebuta), “yahyadoh” for going into battle (Hirosaki Neputa), “yattemare” for fighting (Goshogawara Tachineputa); all are brave and lively but yahleyahleyah echoing under the night summer sky will penetrate to your heart.

Tourism photos of Aomori are provided from them.

One of the three greatest festivals with dancing troops, Kuroishi Yosare, will be featured soon!

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