Lakes in Urabandai in Mysterious Blue


I visited Goshikinuma in Urabandai, Fukushima Prefecture.

Urabandai is famous for lakes such as Hibara, Onogawa, Akimoto, Sohara, and more than 300 swamps including Goshiki-numa. There are many well-maintained trekking courses as well.


I chose a 3.6km, 1 hour and 10 minute course called “Goshiki-numa Shizen Tanshoro”. “Goshiki-numa” is referring to a dozen or so small lakes and swamps located in southeast of Hibara lake, named after its color changing depending on the water quality and other factors.

I parked in a free lot at the Ura-bandai produce museum and started walking. When I got off the car the sunlight was strong as if summer came back. While taking a stroll along the promenade in the shade of broad-leaved trees, I felt a breath of fresh air.
As I walked along the promenade, lakes in mysterious blue appeared among the trees on both sides, and fascinated me.

Some side roads allow you to approach to the edge of the water so that you can appreciate the wonder created by nature in front of you thoroughly.

SN3J0104_RAt “Bishamon-numa”, the biggest swamp in this course, many carps came to me at the pier for rental boats. My dog beside me was so excited – he may like carp… They say there is a “heart carp” in “Bishmon-numa” that brings you happiness if found. You must try once. On its official site, the carp is featured together with some love stories.


SN3J0125_RIn this region, flower beans are cultivated, which is difficult to do so unless 800 meters above see level, and hand-made “Yamashio (salt)” using hot sprint water containing more salt following the traditional procedures are local specialties. I tasted two different types of desserts made of them. It was delicious and my buddy looked happy too.

On October 16th, “Urabandai Autumn Festival” will be held. It offers you an ideal opportunity to appreciate colored leaves of autumn.

Official site: Fukushima Urabandai Tourist Association(in Japanese only)

Access; 25 minutes from Inawashiro Bandai-kogen IC of Bandai Expressway