Latest News from Fukushima: Apple Festival at Shishido Apple Orchard on Nov. 17

Mid-Autumn in November is the best season to enjoy Fuji, one of the most popular apple varieties, available from Fruits Line in Fukushima City.
This coming Saturday, Nov. 17, an annual apple festival will be held at Shishido Apple Orchard in Fukushima City’s Fruit Line. Enjoy sweet Fuji apples as much as you can eat for free!

Freshly squeezed apple juice, “imoni (taro and vegetable soup)”, and simmered “konnyaku” will be served too! Why don’t you fill this weekend with sweet and juicy Fuji apples!

Date & Time: Saturday, November 17. 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
(no postponement for rain)
Venue: Shishido Ringo-en apple orchard
Admission: Free (For group admission, advance arrangement is required)
Contact: Tel. 024-593-6065 at the orchard