Leading Beef Brand “Yonezawa”

Yonezawa Beef is famous nationwide as a brand beef which is rated high.
The quality is maintained by producers who persevere in their efforts backed by Yamagata’s natural environment.
Marbled beef with fine texture is so tender and melts in your mouth.

The story of Yonezawa beef started when one English teacher visited the city in Yamagata at the beginning of the Meiji era, 100 over years ago.
Charles Henry Dallas who was teaching English at Kojokan middle school opened by Yozan Uesugi is the first person to eat Japanese beef, which would be Yonezawa beef later.

People didn’t eat meat of four-footed animal in that day. But Dallas was so impressed by the taste that he brought one whole cow to Yokohama when leaving Yonezawa after his tenure and treated people in Yokohama to the beef. With this as a start, delicious Yonezawa beef spread across Japan.

Presently, there are many stores specialized in Yonezawa beef in the city, which enable you to enjoy the premium beef according to your taste or budget.
Many specialty stores offer packages for souvenir and handle shipping nationwide.

One bite of Yonezawa beef is enough to surprise you.
You should actually have the beef as grilled steak, sukiyaki or shabu-shabu.

For more information about stores offering Yonezawa beef, please visit here (Japanese only).