Linking Iwate with Kyoto by Photo Contest, from July 16 to October 15

MINAMOTO no Yoshitsune (1159 – 1189) spent his childhood at Kuramadera Temple in Kyoto and moved to Hiraizumi, an eternal town in Iwate. Photo contest “Yukyu no Kaze (eternal wind)” just started today, co-organized by Eizan Densha (Eizan Electric Railway) running the vicinity of Kurama in Kyoto and Sanriku Tetsudo (Sanriku Railway Company) in Iwate; the latter is well know through a popular TV program “Ama-chan”. Eizan Densha decorates the Kurama station with wind chimes made of Nambu iron, special product in Iwate, to offer cool atmosphere to the tourists visiting an inner part of Kyoto, Kurama, as well as to send a message of “remember the disaster stricken area”. We appreciate their thoughtfulness!
To participate in the contest, send two photos showing Sanriku Tetsudo, Eizan Densha, Kurama station decorated with wind chimes, or relevant scenes. Combination of scenes is up to you but if your selection consists of one each of Iwate and Kyoto (although it takes extra work), it surely makes the organizers and us happy!

For more information, please visit the following website (Japanese only):