Local Girls “Like It!” File No.1 – Mamebu-jiru Soup (Kuji City, Iwate Prefecture)

Local girls “Like It!” report is back!

The second series of ‘Tabi no Egao (smile while traveling)” just started. This time, Heisei’s Sendai Shiro is going to conduct surprise interviews at various places in the northern Tohoku, and gathering information from local girls what they “Like”. The feature brings you updated local information with smile together. Don’t miss it! (Distributed through YouTube)


Smile While Traveling in Tohoku, Local Girls “Like It!” Vol.1



File No.1 is about ‘mamebu-jiru” soup

This time, Mr. Sendai Shiro visited Kuji City, Iwate Prefecture. As expected, local girls recommend THIS! In a TV program, it has competed with kebab fiercely. It’s an established B-class gourmet (semi-gourmet), going to participate in the B-1 Grand Prix this year again. This is “mamebu-jiru” soup, everyone!

Small dumplings filled with walnuts and brown sugars are called “mamebu”. To make “mamebu-jiru” soup, first make soup stock of dried small sardines and kombu, and then add burdock, carrot, and baked tofu. Season it with soy sauce to complete “mamebu-jiru” soup.


Taste “mamebu-jiru” soup by the sea.

Retort-pouch mamebu-jiru is available for those who stay far from Kuji. Local girls say “mamebu-jiru” tastes good by the sea.

If so, we must go to the Kosode beach! Next report is featuring smile of local girls and their recommendation from the Kosode beach.



For more information about mamebu-jiru,

please visit: http://mamebu.com/

and Facebook page of “Kuji Mamebu Beya”


For tourist information about Kuji and other places in the northern Iwate,

please visit: http://www.tohokukanko.jp/iwate/iw-z-ninohe/