Local Girls “Like It!” File No.2 – Ama Center (Kuji City, Iwate Prefecture)

Ama’s club at a high school?

Mr. Sendai Shiro who fully enjoyed “mamebu-jiru” soup in last issue is going to meet a high school student in PE uniform this time.Sometimes ordinary high school student, sometimes “mamebu-jiru” seller, this girls is actually an ama, woman diver. Why is she in PE uniform? Find it out from the video



Recommendation File No. 2 is “Ama Center”

The high school student ama who works bravely in PE uniform recommends Ama Center. Woman divers at the northernmost point demonstrate diving without oxygen tanks from July to September. Most of all, freshly caught sea urchin is available for you to taste!



Amazingly delicious!

Sea urchin caught on the spot is what Mr. Sendai Shiro ate.

Sanriku is known for good taste.

Can you imagine how tasty sea urchin freshly caught by ama-chan?

What an envy!


Conversation with a high school student ama-chan with her smile is featured in the following video.


Many more exciting experiences are waiting for you in Kuji! For more information on tourism in Kuji, please visit the website of the city’s Tourism and Products Association.