Local Girls “Like It!” File No.3 – Woman Divers at the Northernmost Point (Kuji City, Iwate Prefecture)

Too close!

Too close, Sendai Shiro,

we understand your feeling but…

How close he was is shownhere.





I caught some, yes, I did

Shiro moved from Ama Center to see woman divers diving without oxygen tank and met her who just finished diving.

“I did catch…” She seems satisfied with dazzling smile.





Recommendation File No.3 features woman divers at the northernmost point.

She proudly mentioned woman divers as expected. Forty degrees north is the northern limit for woman divers to dive. They dive into the cold water for about 30 seconds to one minute and catch about 10 sea urchins. We should watch them closer.



Woman divers from the northernmost point to nationwide

Although Shiro was standing so close to her, she answered questions with smile. She said she wanted the whole of Japan to know about woman divers at the northern limit. We agree with her. Charm of woman divers, sea urchin and Kuji City should attract more people so that tourism would lift Kuji and Tohoku.

Watch closely how Shiro was approaching her and her sincere expression. Check what happened next from the following:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9otHbvrlAPU&feature=youtu.be