Local Girls “Like It!” File No.4 – Yamase Dofukan (Kuji City, Iwate Prefecture)

Kuji means her!

She is not an ama (woman diver) in Kuji, but Ms. Kuji is an ama.
Ama sounds rare as a family name but there are many Kuji families in Kuji City (so I heard).






Yamase Dofukan

Ms. Kuji’s recommendation is Yamase Dofukan, one of roadside stations.

It offers not only souvenir and locally produced vegetables, but also experience of Kuji Autumn Festival Visitors can view floats in a pageant and participate in making them.


Raw sea urchin bowl

Now, Mr. Sendai Shiro is at a restaurant in Yamase Dofukan, full of menus made from local ingredients. Fresh seafood bowl is what he is going to have. How is it like?



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