[Loved by Kenji Miyazawa] Buckwheat Noodles with Tempura – Local Girls’ “Like It!” File No. 49

I recommend ” Yabu-ya in Hanamaki”
Today’s itinerary for the crew is to follow three local girls in Morioka! “Jaja-men!” “wanko-soba!” “Morioka raymen!” are on the list of the local girls. Thank you, but they are already featured. “Well then,” said the girls and presented a winning pitch, ” Yabu-ya in Hanamaki City”. “You know, Kenji Miyazawa used to go there.” How cool! A shop frequented by Kenji Miyazawa, one of the greatest authors of children’s stories in Iwate – no, in Japan.

Such a place I want to go
Here at Yabu-ya Hanamaki So-honten, a noodle shop Kenji Miyazawa used to come. He always ordered buckwheat noodles (soba) with Tempura and soda pop, they say. In his poems, soba and soda pop are quoted sometimes such as in “Kuriyagawa Teishajo.” Although I don’t fully understand his poems with his feelings about Galaxy, I eat soba loved by Kenji and taste soda pop, too, while thinking of his poems. Such a place I want to go.

You can try a set menu “Kenji Miyazawa” now. To know more, watch the video here!
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