Marché for Recovery by the River in Ishinomaki

Ishinomaki City used to be one of the largest fish ports in Japan before the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.
On June 9, I visited Ishinomaki Machinaka Fukko Marché set for recovery from the disaster in the central area of the city.

It is located by the Kitakami River, on the opposite side of Ishinomori Mangattan Museum.
Six stores around the open space are offering Ishinomaki’s special products, boxed lunch, local vegetables & fish, gyoza (Chinese style dumplings) and authentic coffee.
Shoppers can taste food bought at the Marché in a spacious food court.
Various events are stated to entertain the crowd on the premises.

The Marché is filled with grateful feelings of residents and storeowners in Ishinomaki who wish to return for many people’s kind support. Why don’t you come and visit the market?

Masked Rider, one of Ishinomori’s creations, also welcomes you in Manga Town, Ishinomaki.


Ishinomaki Machinaka Fukko Marché
11-13 Chuo 2-chome, Ishinomaki-shi (the site of Marumitsu store)
Ten-minute walk from JR Ishinomaki Station
■Closed on Tuesdays
■Free parking is available (up to 40 cars)