[Monkichi] Jungle Resort; Popular Among Ladies – Local Girls’ “Like It!” File No. 48

Thinking and thinking…
Can you tell me what you recommend in Iwate? Shiro asked.
“What? Ah, wait a moment…” a local girl said.
Shiro helped her recalling “any place you go when you feel down?”
Her answer was “No” and was still thinking.
Not many people are capable of answering such a question immediately. Despite that, everyone still has something to recommend! Thinking and thinking…


I recommend Monkichi
Monkichi is an abbreviation of Monkey’s Kitchenwhere she often goes to meet with her friends to chat over drinks. Yes, she managed to come up with her recommendation. The restaurant with a bright signboard of “Jungle Resort” has 3 points to mention:
・Most of male staff are nice looking!
・Menu consists of unique items based on a theme of adventure or treasure!
・Offering free pumpkin gratin per couple!

Today’s local girls’ “Like It” is Monkichi (Monkey’s Kitchen), an ideal oasis in jungle that is perfect for young folks!

Free gratin till October 31. To know more, watch the video
≪Smile While Traveling in Tohoku – Local Girls’ “Like It!” File No. 48≫