[Morioka Cold Noodles] at BBQ House – Local Girls’ “Like It!” File No. 46

I recommend Morioka “Raymen”
Heisei’s Sendai Shiro aggressively reports without appointment continuously from Morioka. This time, he met Aya-chan, a heroin in a TV drama series (details available from the video). What do you recommend, Aya-chan? “It must be cold noodles, raymen,” Aya-chan said. “The place I go is Pyonpyonsha.” Local people must have their own “place I go” otherwise it shouldn’t be so definite.


Cold noodles alone at BBQ house
Here we are at Pyonpyonsha! It’s worth watching Shiro eating cold noodles so wildly, which is available from the movie site. At a BBQ house, Morioka citizens don’t hesitate to order cold noodles alone. The menu is loved by locals so much as one of the three famous noodles in Morioka, competing with wanko-soba and jaja-men.

It’s OK to order cold noodles alone at BBQ house! To know more, watch the video here!
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