Mt. Iwakisan, Place for Mystical Energy

Mt. Iwakisan, elevation of 1625 meters, in Aomori Prefecture is also called “Tsugaru Fuji” due to its gracious shape.

At the foot of Mt. Iwakisan, there is Iwakisan Shrine, which is approximately 1200 years old.
Its torii (a gateway at the entrance to a Shinto shrine) is located straight towards Mt. Iwaki and the view through the torii is magnificent.
As the whole mountain area is considered Shinto shrine precinct for worship, proceeding along a long entrance path is already a part of paying a visit to the Shrine.

The Shrine’s main building, which was destroyed by fire several times, was reconstructed in the period of domain duties. It’s so degnified and magnificent that it’s called “Nikko in Tohoku (equivalent to Nikko, the location of the greatest shrine in Japan)”. You shouldn’t miss Mitarashi where the sacred water originated from Mt. Iwaki is flowing out.
When having had some clear and sacred water by using a big ladle, I felt the water purifying my body from inside.

Because it’s also known as a god of marriage, many local couples visit here.
A day trip to Momosawa Onsen hot springs in front of Iwakisan Shrine gives you an opportunity to bathe in the spa.