New Model of “Akabeko” Featuring NHK Drama “Yae no Sakura”

Akabeko is one of Fukumima’s articles of forlkcraft.
“Beko” means a cow in Aizu dialect in Fukushima, so akabeko means “red cow”.
Approximately 1200 years ago, there was a red cow working hard for building Enzoji temple in Yanaitsu, Fukushima Prefecture. Since then, people here have chrished red cow for family welfare and protection from a plague.

Akabeko, being popular as souvenir, has a new model decorated with cherry petals on its body, to feature an NHK drama “Yae no Sakura”.

The drama is based on a real story of Niijima Yae, a woman from Aizu. Akabeko modeled after her comes in two colors, red and black. One in black represents her in male dress fighting bravely with a gun, and one in red depicts her dazzling transformation to an epoch-maker in Western dress when she lived in Kyoto.

It’s 1,575 yen per piece.
They are availabe at inns and hotels in Aizu.