New Year’s Strawberry Picking in Haramachi City, Fukushima Prefecture

At Wada Tourism Strawberry Association close to Matukawaura, northern shore of Fukushima Prefecture, its store had been completed destroyed by the 3.11 tsunami of the Great East Japan Earthquake and about a half of greenhouses of strawberries were also damaged. After that, they opened again last summer with support from volunteers.

A New Year brought a season of strawberry picking and I visited there with my wife. It was my first time to pick strawberries. At the reception, we bought a ticket for “eating strawberries as many as you can for half an hour”, and then we headed to a strawberry farm.



In a bus, which seemed exclusively for us, we kept eating red ripe strawberries without talking. “Akihime” is the name of the strawberry. Due to its soft pulp, it is not perfect for circulation but each piece was large and we enjoyed its sweet and not too sour taste.

They are open every day until May 31 and this weekend, namely Saturday, January 12, it will be fully open. Why don’t you feel early spring in a greenhouse of strawberries surrounded by sweet aroma?

Official blog of Wada Tourism Strawberry Association(a lot of photos!)

Entrance from 10:00 to 16:00