“Nokke-don” Lunch at a Market in Aomori

While walking as if I had no definite purpose, I came to a fish and vegetable market called Aomori Gyosai Center because I wanted to have some fresh fish for my lunch. My plan was to have a “Nokke-don” which you can make by yourself by buying a bowl of rice and toppings you like among fresh ingredients available at the market.

At first, you must buy a ticket at the entrance. It is 1,000 yen per ticket but it seemed not enough for getting all what I liked. I found out that I can buy another ticket on the spot to add the value, I started with one first.

There are three major passages in the center and many stores are lined up on both sides of each passage. Stores offering ingredients for “Nokke” are marked with a signage of “丼 (Bowl)”. Various ingredients are available from regular items such as squid, tuna, scallop to some local delicacies including kampachi (greater amberjack), cod roe, salmon roe, sliced salmon, abalone, and pickles “nebutazuke” specially made in Aomori. Almost all items were priced between 100 to 200 yen.

I completed preparing my own “Nokke-don” for exactly 1,000 yen! What I picked were fatty tune, lean tune, kampachi, fin of flatfish, cod roe, salted and vinegared mackerel, and salmon roe; all are quite fatty. But it was so cheap and delicious with such a lot of fresh ingredients! I had one regret in front of my bowl; I should have a large serving of rice, while finishing the bowl in no time.

I’ll have lunch here again at my next visit to Aomori. Of course, I won’t fail to get a larger serving of rice.


For more details of “Nokke-don”, please visit here (information in Japanese only).