Oysters in Summer? Chokaisan’s Riverbed Water Makes It Possible

Usually, we enjoy oysters in winter but the best season of “iwagaki (rock oyster)” is summer, from June to August, in Tohoku on the coast of the Japan Sea.

Especially in Yuzamachi Fukura in Yamagata Prefecture where the foot of a mountain and the coast are quite close, quality rock oysters are grown thanks to the Mt. Chokai’s cold riverbed water flowing up from the sea floor.

In the season, many stores proudly put up the banner of “iwagaki” and fans rush there to taste oysters only available in summer.

Open the shells, squeeze lemon and taste a fluffy oyster. After feeling the texture of oyster, your mouth will be filled with fresh flavor of the sea with a bit of sweetness.
It’s the true joy of the season, which brings you the happiest moment.