Rake Appointed as Tohoku Tourism Goodwill Ambassador!

“Therefore, my dreams come true, I want to believe so, I want to believe so.”
Tohoku Tourism Promotion Organization has appointed Sendai-residing singer-songwriter Rake as Tohoku Tourism Goodwill Ambassador! He is going to write a theme song for a Taiwanese movie “KANO”, which will provide him with an opportunity to promote Tohoku Tourism not only in Japan but also abroad.


Inspired by a real story, the movie is about a baseball team at Kagi Norin (agriculture and forestry) high school in Taiwan. In 1931 when Taiwan was under Japanese rule, the team came in second in Koshien (the National Championship Tournament of High School Baseball at Koshien Stadium). Information on the theme song of “KANO”, please visit Rake’s official site.

※The picture of the swearing-in ceremony on January 15. Rake with Mr. Hasegawa, Director of Tohoku Transport Bureau and Mr. Ono, General Manager of Tohoku Tourism.